About Bougie Life

Meet The Founder Dana Hiley

Founder Dana Hiley has been in the Accessory business since 2008. She was the Co Owner of The Eye Kandy Fashion Boutique in Downtown Baltimore, and Sole Owner of Dana's Boutique in Canton, MD. After closing her store Dana returned to the Corporate world in 2013. Always having that passion for accessories Bougie Bracelets was born in 2014. In the summer of 2017 Dana left her corporate job to pursue her passion fulltime and has definitely been a force to be reckoned with ever since. Known for capturing an individuals voice with her custom made accessories, Mrs. Hiley just can't be contained.

While helping people bring their feelings, hurt, and stories to visualization with her amazing bracelets, Mrs. Hiley's passion to also push people in reaching their full potential continued to take her back to the drawing board. That drawing board has since birthed the "Bougie Box" and stay tuned for her "Solopreneur Coaching Class" coming in early 2018. 

Bougie Bracelets

Bougie Bracelets are handmade bracelets using natural gemstones and crystals. Most bracelets are custom made with YOU in mind. Whether you want your name, picture or some other charm to represent something special, give Dana your vision and she will bring it to life.

Prices start at $15 for little girls singles, $27 for women's singles, $30 for men's singles, and go up in price according to your custom needs.

What Is The Bougie Box

The Bougie Box is a Seasonal Subscription Box  with a collection of unique items sold by small businesses sent directly to you on a recurring basis.  The products in the box will range from $100-$200, however your price for the Bougie Box is only $56.99 which already includes shipping.

($49.99 Box + $7.00 Shipping)

The Mission of the Bougie Box  is to promote, support, and encourage small business owners. To allow them to reach as many future potential customers as possible and bring acknowledgement to their Brand.


The Bougie Box is available for purchase until November 11th. Boxes will start to ship on November 20th to ensure a delivery just in time for Christmas. 


**If you would like to have your products featured in a future Bougie Box, please send an email with a bio and pictures of your products to