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Hi I'm Dana Hiley your Fashion/Jewelry Business Coach and Personal Mentor. I specialize in changing the lives of entrepreneurs, individuals, and start up businesses as they relate to fashion/jewelry.  Like you Jewelry and Fashion has been my passion since I was a little girl. From creating it to wearing it and always wanting to use it to make a statement. 


My Experience

I have been in the fashion industry for 9 years. I have owned 2 storefronts and an online jewelry business. When I decided to open my first business all I knew was that I wanted to work for myself and open a Boutique. Without the knowledge of how to successfully operate a business I opened my first Boutique and failed within the first 6 months. I thought I knew what I had done wrong and decided to open yet another storefront, needless to say I had failed yet again this time in 8 months. I wanted to be an entrepreneur but did not know how. I stumbled across a Live Facebook Broadcast of a woman who was a Wealth Coach, I watched her for months and decided this is what I had been missing. The knowledge, the information, the resources to run a successful business. I hired that Coach and turned my current business into a success I never dreamed of. I am now the Fashion and Jewelry's Secret Weapon to Success.

Why Choose Me

Are you in transition from a full time job to your own business in the fashion industry? Do you have an online jewelry business even if it's a MLM that is not generating the revenue you need to take care of your family? Do you have a desire to start working in the fashion industry but you don't quite know where to start?

I will challenge you to get renewed clarity, end your self doubt, stop procrastination, face your fears, and go after your vision which will set you FREE. I am dedicated to helping women in the fashion industry stay accountable, stay motivated and make the chanages to create the life you desire and deserve.

You can count on my full attention and dedication in helping you find your way in the fashion industry. I commit to helping you decide your purpose and your goals in fashion and effectively help you to reach and maintain those same goals.

***If I do not fit your needs I can still help. I am a part of a community of many Coaches and Experts. I am affiliated with Coaches who have the ideal experience or background for your specific situation. So Please feel free to email me if you need help outside of what I can provide*** 

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